Finance 500 Capital & Liquidity Plan


Finance 500 Capital & Liquidity Plan

May 7, 2024 11:00 AM PST

In this session, we will review the features and benefits of the Finance 500 Capital & Liquidity plan.

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Producing a comprehensive regulatory-compliant Capital and Liquidity Plan is no small task.  Finance 500 recognizes this challenge.   For a limited time, our Performance Management Group (PMG) will provide you with a fully customized 56-plus-page three year capital and liquidity plan with any CD issued during the month of May 2024.  The plan is ideal for senior management, board members and regulatory communication.

Features and benefits of our capital & liquidity plan include:

  • Risk assessment and profile aligned with strategic plan
  • Capital adequacy and buffer analysis tied to your bank’s risk profile
  • Three-year forecast on growth and impact to earnings, capital, and liquidity
  • Capital stress test forecast vs. PCA and Basel III requirements
  • Local, state, and national market forecast
  • Integrated contingency plan with key risk triggers and aligned contingency responses
  • Annual membership to CB BankAnalytics, our proprietary bank intelligence portal

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