Fixed Income Investment Services

Our unique proposition is that we offer clients the perfect blend: Institutional Capability paired with Personal Touch. In this regard, we think we stand alone.


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Finance 500 is a leader in the FDIC insured CD market, and one of just a handful of primary underwriters of CDs. Our representatives have access to the highest interest rates available each day in the national marketplace, as well as most fixed income bond instruments and can in turn offer investing institutions access to a broad spectrum of fixed income products.

As a primary underwriter we work with issuing banks to customize the structure and terms of CD investments, this gives us the insight needed to build a personalized CD and bond portfolio for each institutional investor. Using a blend of FDIC-insured CDs and bond issuances, we can place out your excess funds and assist you in building a prudent fixed income portfolio, seeking to maximize return on investment and safety of principal. Because we are in the forefront of creating fixed income products, Finance 500 is well equipped to work closely with each institutional client to ensure that their income and risk tolerance requirements conform to specific portfolio objectives.


Our representatives are highly skilled in servicing their client’s portfolios, and knowledgeable about the research and due diligence necessary to seek to ensure both the safety (i.e., preservation of principal) and the liquidity which are important to deliver an attractive return on investment. Although we do not provide legal or accounting counsel, Finance 500 representatives are knowledgeable about the federal securities laws, banking regulations, state trading requirements and general rules for public sector clients.

No Fees, No Hidden Costs

Clients of Finance 500 pay *no fees for our support services which include:

  • Portfolio Guidance
  • Account Statements
  • Incoming and Outgoing Wires
  • Interest Checks
  • Bond Accounting and Reporting

* Though there are currently no separate fees for these services, the firm does earn compensation through trading spreads, concessions, and commissions. 


Looking to enhance your yield and gain a greater return on your fixed income bond portfolio? Contact us today and learn more about our unique Investment Strategy Portfolio using FDIC insured CDs.