Fixed Income Services

Our unique proposition is that we offer clients the perfect blend: Institutional Capability paired with Personal Touch. In this regard, we think we stand alone.

We provide investment strategies and alternatives to support balance sheet optimization aligned with each client's risk appetite. Our proprietary CD portfolio investment program enhances return on investments with the added stability and protection of FDIC insurance coverage.

Certificates of Deposit
Municipal Bonds
Government Agency Bonds
Corporate Notes & Bonds
Mortgage-Backed Securities

No Fees, No Hidden Costs

Clients of Finance 500 pay *no fees for our support services which include:

  • Portfolio Guidance
  • Account Statements
  • Incoming and Outgoing Wires
  • Interest Checks
  • Bond Accounting and Reporting

* Though there are currently no separate fees for these services, the firm does earn compensation through trading spreads, concessions, and commissions. 

Looking to enhance your yield and gain a greater return on your fixed income bond portfolio? Contact us today and learn more about our unique Investment Strategy Portfolio using FDIC insured CDs.

DISCLAIMER: Brokered Certificates of Deposits are sold only to[ qualified/accredited/sophisticated/institutional investors] and only by means of offering documents that include information about the risks, performance and expenses related to Brokered Certificates of Deposits, which clients are urged to read carefully before subscribing. An investment in Brokered Certificates of Deposits involves some risks. Specifically, these investments (1) may have performance and liquidity that is affected by _________________, and investors may lose [x]  amount of their investment and/or expected interest; (2) may engage in[__________] practices that could increase the risk of some investment loss; (3) are considered [__________] and are relatively liquid investments for which there is generally a secondary market; (4) Brokered Deposit redemptions are subject to some restrictions related to their stated maturity date(s) and circumstances that affect the secondary market for such securities; (5) may be subject to certain fees, including management fees and other fees and expenses, all of which will reduce profits.

Interests in Brokered Certificates of Deposits are endorsed by the issuing bank or other insured depository institution according to the specifications and conditions set by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve Board, or any other governmental agency. Prospective investors should understand these risks and have the financial ability and willingness to accept them before making an investment and should consider other investment classes, programs, and vehicles as a supplement to an overall investment program.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. Finance 500, Inc. does not provide legal or tax advice and makes no representations as to the tax treatment of assets or the investment returns thereon both in general or with reference to specific client's circumstances and needs. We are of necessity unable to take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situation and needs of our clients and recommend that you take financial and/or tax advice as to the implications (including tax) of investing in any of the products mentioned herein.

This material may not be reproduced, or copies circulated without prior authority of Finance 500. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Finance 500 expressly prohibits the distribution and transfer of this material to third parties for any reason. Finance 500 accepts no liability whatsoever for any claims or lawsuits from any third parties arising from the use or distribution of this material. The information provided is for distribution only under such circumstances as may be permitted by applicable law.