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A fresh look at investment banking for community banks and other smaller financial institutions.


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Our Investment Banking Division is empowered to bring unique value to our clients by three factors:

  • Unparalleled distribution power from our Funding Solutions Group in our Fixed Income Investment Services Division.
  • Cutting edge analytics from our Bank Performance Solutions Group in our CB Resource Inc. affiliate.
  • Investment banking personnel with deep experience and previous innovation success focused on tailoring unique solutions for each individual client.

Our Investment Banking Division assists banks of all asset sizes nationwide and is especially focused on banks <3 billion.

We take a “piece work” approach to our individual clients, rather than a “one size fits all” philosophy. We strongly believe that the solutions we propose and execute must reflect our clients’ unique needs and interests. So, we listen first and advise second.

In addition to our community bank clients, we also focus on other smaller financial institutions, such as finance companies and leasing companies.

We provide our investment banking clients with a broad range of services including Debt Financing, both senior and subordinated, and, mostly, capital-qualifying. We strive to mesh this business with our well-established CD distribution network.

We also provide our clients with equity financing, both public and private. In addition, we provide advice, analytics and execution in Mergers & Acquisitions.


Our Investment Banking Division works closely with our Bank Performance Solutions Group.

We integrate our client’s capital plans and risk management analyses with practical, executable solutions that our Bankers will execute for them. Our philosophy is to use our investment banking skills to help each of our clients implement their business plan, not just to execute individual transactions.

We pledge to our clients:

  • Investment banking solutions that make sense for you, the individual client.
  • Full integration of our banking business with our Bank Performance Solutions Group to ensure that the solutions we propose for you make sense over the long-term.
  • Excellence in execution through the national distribution network of our Funding Solutions Group.
  • Full transparency in terms of financial analysis and transaction execution.


Finance 500 is a registered broker-dealer with FINRA and member of SIPC. All services described herein that are required by law to be conducted through a registered securities broker-dealer shall be conducted by registered representatives of Finance 500. Located in the same building as Finance 500 in Irvine California, CB Resource, Inc. (“CBR”) is a separate company that serves its national network of community bank clients by providing actionable intelligence, risk management and planning solutions. CBR believes that its solutions are the new standard when focusing on strategic growth, operational efficiency, enterprise risk, regulatory compliance and increasing shareholder value. Finance 500 and CBR are related by common ownership but managed independently. Finance 500 does not warrant the products or services of CB Resource and Finance 500 clients are not obligated to use CBR’s services. The use of CBR’s services, tools and resources does not guarantee compliance with applicable rules, regulations or laws.