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Our desire to be a valued resource to our bank clients has driven us to look outside brokerage services and offer support in a wide variety of ways. If we can help our bank clients mitigate risk and enhance franchise value, we believe they will see us as a valued business partner and not just another “vendor” on Wall Street.


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Over the years Finance 500 has seen an increase in the need to assist our bank clients with a wide range of services. The desire to assist our clientele moved the holding company for Finance 500 in 2014 to take an ownership stake in CB Resource, Inc., a well established company specializing in risk management and planning solutions for community banks in the US.

Located in the same building as Finance 500 in Irvine California, CB Resource, Inc. (“CBR”) is a separate company that serves its national network of community bank clients by providing actionable intelligence, risk management and planning solutions. CBR believes that its solutions are the new standard when focusing on strategic growth, operational efficiency, enterprise risk, regulatory compliance and increasing shareholder value.


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DISCLAIMER: Though related by common ownership, Finance 500 does not warrant the products or services of CB Resource and firms are not obligated to use them. Finance 500 strongly encourages that firms perform their own due diligence of CB Resource before making any vendor decisions. The use of these services does not ensure compliance with applicable rules or other regulations or laws.